Left to right: Andy Carracino (crew), Bill Pyburn, Neal Lewis (crew), Beau Renfroe, Brit Lilly, Bobby Adams (new crew chief), Russell Clay (crew).

Last month, Speedboat revealed that Beau and Tiffiney Renfroe—owners of the Dirty Money offshore race boat in Super Cat class—had purchased another Skater to replace the Dirty Money that crashed in Michigan City, IN. The boat was originally raced by throttleman Bill Pyburn and driver Jason Ventura, although substitute driver Rusty Williams had control of the wheel in Michigan City. The new Skater, previously raced by Randy Keys and Billy Allen as KLOVAR until it was damaged in a highway accident while being trailered to Michigan City, is now being repaired, renovated and rebranded at Skater headquarters in Douglas, MI, as Dirty Money.

Now the Renfroes tell Speedboat that Pyburn will share the cockpit with veteran offshore racer Brit Lilly, who most recently has partnered with Steve Curtis in Class 1's Huski Ice Spritz. Multi-time World Champion Lilly is the son of veteran offshore racing legend Art Lilly, and famous for racing his LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness / Rev X Oil in the Mod Vee class.

Beau and Tiffiney revealed the news after spending the last several days at Skater with Lilly, Pyburn and the rest of the Dirty Money team. "We've never hung out with Brit," Beau says. "We were texting each other, and Bill talked to him on the phone, and eventually we just decided to go up to Skater, look at the boat and see if everybody was on the same page. We all met up in Atlanta and flew to Skater in Douglas, MI. It was a great match. We had a great time."

The new Dirty Money 388 Skater is enjoying quite a transformation, Beau says, including some new pieces being fabricated, with new MoTeC screens being installed. "We're taking things a few steps further than most others have in terms of acquiring data," he says. The plan will be to have the boat ready just before Key West's early November race, then test the boat and grab some seat time together in Jacksonville, FL. "We are so excited for that," Tiffiney says. "They are already get along great. They're in the same mindset of where the team is for Key West, and we cannot wait to see them in the boat together."

In addition to welcoming Brit Lilly to the team, Bobby Adams is the new crew chief for Dirty Money. The new headquarters will be in Stuart, FL, where the Renfroes recently acquired a brand-new 14,000-square-foot building that they'll be working out of. "I'd like thank Greg Harris of Lighthouse Point, FL, for finding the building. He's been amazing—he really worked hard to get that for us."

Meanwhile, Brit Lilly tells Speedboat that he's stoked to be part of the Dirty Money team, and plans to continue racing his Lilly Sport Boat with teammate Jay Wohltman. "I'm honored to just be thought of, when somebody's looking for a driver," he tells Speedboat. As for the updating of the Dirty Money Skater, he says, "I'm super excited to see where the technology takes us and how we can make the boat perform better than the other ones on the course. The boat's great—I've seen it run, and I know it pretty well. I'm really excited to get into 388—I've been in the 40 with WHM, but never been in a 388, so hopefully there's no learning curve."