After kicking off the 2021 offshore race season in Cocoa Beach’s Atlantic Ocean waters—then moving the action to the Lake of the Ozarks for bout #2—OPA competitors returned to the Atlantic for bout #3 in Point Pleasant, NJ. The race featured boats in several bracket classes (2, 4, 5, 6 and 7), as well as Vee Extreme and Pro Stock Vee. Three classes (Vee Extreme and classes 2 and 5) featured boats running uncontested.

The day’s highlight was indisputably Pro Stock Vee, with a field of 10 boats. Driver Kyle Miller and throttleman Jay Wohltman in #32 Speed & Marine (formerly Whoa Mama!) battled driver Chris Uzzi and throttleman Rob Hartmann in #13 Nobody’s Business for the lead. (It was the first race of the season for both teams.) The two boats traded off on the lead until Speed & Marine pulled ahead of the pack to take the unofficial win. Nobody’s Business apparently committed a buoy infraction, so it was not immediately clear if their second-place finish would stand. #3 Wazzup finished in the third-place position, but if Nobody Business is penalized, Wazzup could take the second-place trophy. Numerous teams in this class were local New Jersey racers.

Bracket Class 7 was also well-represented, with four entries. They were led by owner/driver Ken Bird in On a Mission taking the unofficial win. It was followed by Chug It and Goofin’ Around.

In Bracket Class 4, Saris Racing took a big lead and the unofficial win, followed by Shoreline Plumbing and Tsunami. (Shoreline Plumbing, which normally races in Class 5, had some mechanical issues that prevented the team from participating in the day’s first race; those problems were fixed by the second race, allowing them to join Class 4 racing.)

In Bracket Class 6, the Rum Runners team of Mike McColgan and Francis Vellutato—who took first in Cocoa Beach—also took the unofficial win in Point Pleasant, followed by Moderation.

Agoura Day Spa ran uncontested in Class 5, Strictly Business ran uncontested in Class 2, and Knucklehead Instigator ran uncontested in Vee Extreme. Congratulations to all!