Shaun Torrente Racing has announced a new partnership agreement with Powerboat P1 that will see it sponsor the Super Stock and Class 7 race classes in this season’s P1 Offshore series. The innovative sponsorship will offer a range of prize money to teams competing in the two classes at the national rounds in St. Clair, Michigan City, Clearwater and Fort Myers Beach between now and early October.

Speaking at the STR base in southwest Florida, Shaun Torrente explained: “We are a company born from racing and proven by racing, and we feel that our sponsorship of Super Stock racing, where almost every team uses our engine brackets, is a great platform to highlight the rigidity and reliability of our products which are manufactured to withstand the forces and abuse that the ocean and high speeds throw at them. Likewise, Class 7 is a highly competitive class of grassroots teams full of young talent that we want to invest in and reward.”

STR has set out how prize money will be awarded:

• The winner of each Super Stock round will receive an additional $750 if they are using STR brackets

• $250 additional prize money for one team at each Super Stock round through a random draw between the 4th and 10th place boats

• If they are using any STR part or tool, the winner of each Class 7 round will receive an additional $350

• Boats must display a STR sticker to be eligible for prize money

“The waters we race in are some of the harshest environments for any product to survive and this allows us to demonstrate the quality of STR’s manufacturing processes for application to the consumer high-performance pleasure boat market,“ Torrente added. “In awarding the 4th to 10th place prize money in the Super Stock class, we want to create an accolade regardless of finishing position to acknowledge the effort and contribution of teams as they experience the inevitable attribution in racing conditions. We want a team to end the race day with something even if they did not finish or chose the wrong setup.”

“This novel sponsorship demonstrates Shaun’s passion for the sport,” Powerboat P1 CEO Azam Rangoonwala said. “The success of his STR business is founded on the products being innovative and proven in the racing world, and this sponsorship further demonstrates his commitment to making the sport more professional, which is something he often talks to me about.”

Torrente is a two-time and reigning F1H2O world champion and XCAT world champion, and is currently throttleman of the CMR Racing team competing in the APBA Offshore National Championship.