MYCO Trailers, a world leader in custom, all-welded boat trailers, welcomes new company President Price Taylor to head up its team.

Taylor, a marine industry veteran for more than 40 years, was formerly with the Brunswick Corp. for 30+ years. After Malibu Boats purchased assets in overseas, Taylor was appointed to work in Australia for the last five years as managing director of Malibu Boats abroad. “After five years, I was ready to come back to America,” he tells Speedboat.

MYCO has a rich heritage with the speedboat industry. “That’s our strength,” he says. “Performance boats have been around for a long time, and they’re always going to be around. That was where we got our start, and that’s our core product. But based on our success in that segment, we’ve been able to expand into the larger fishing boats, some military and government craft and so on. But performance boat trailers will always be our core product.”

The company builds trailers as an OEM supplier for numerous muscleboat builders, including Marine Technology Inc. (MTI), Iconic Marine Group (Fountain, Donzi, Baja) and Cigarette Racing. Although Taylor has come on board in the full throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, he knows that it won’t take long for the industry to be back in full swing.

“Being in the industry for so long, I’ve had to ride out these cycles,” he says. “Actually, we’ll probably come out of this in a stronger position than when we started. Our longterm goal is growth, plain and simple. And we’re always working on new products and new ideas, so stay tuned.”

One thing MYCO did when companies were forced to shut their doors because of the coronavirus was to keep its employees on the payroll. “We elected to pay every employee during their time off,” he says. “We did not force a furlough on anyone, and we did not lay anyone off. We didn’t make them go through the whole unemployment fiasco. We paid every employee. When we were able to start operations back up, we had everybody come back.”