As Super Stock boats began the third race of the last day of Race World Offshore’s world finals event in Key West, CR Racing/X Insurance (with driver Rob Unnerstall and throttleman Casey Boaz) flipped during the very first lap. A red flag was thrown, stopping the action until the 32-foot Doug Wright hull could be towed off the course. The racers emerged from the boat unhurt.

Action continued about 45 minutes later, with officials shortening the race from 11 to seven laps. After the restart, the top three contenders fell into line: Jackhammer in the lead, followed by LPC Racing and Performance Boat Center/FASS Fuel Systems. Then, halfway through the restarted race, Sean Connor and Loren Peters in LPC (Friday’s winner) flipped, although no red flag was thrown. As racing continued, Jackhammer’s Victory hull held onto its lead till the finish, with Performance Boat Center finishing second. That’s all PBC’s Myrick Coil and Rusty Williams needed to win the Super Stock World Championship. Jackhammer, with Ricky Maldonado and Reese Langheim, would wind up second on the podium overall.

Billy Allen and Cody McDowell in Team Allen Lawn Care finished third, followed by Phase 5, CoCo’s Monkey, Curry Refrigeration, FJ Propeller and Your Storage Units.

One race remains in Key West. Stay tuned for coverage!