Written by Joe Rode

Every year, in the first week of November, 160,000+ gearheads flock to Las Vegas, Nev. to attend the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show to get their first look at what’s new in the world of speed parts. While aimed at the automotive aftermarket, Speedboat was able to trudge through the Las Vegas convention center isles and come up with some very appealing new widgets for the performance boater.

Power Adder Pistons: Now available for Big Block Chevrolets, CP-Carrillo’s new line of forged pistons are specifically designed for high horsepower engines using high boost power adders. Available with 10.5:1 compression ratio, the pistons come “armed” with double force-fed pin oilers with reservoir groove, .200 in. wall, precision fit, wrist pin, and Total Seal AP Plus, “file-to-fit” steel rings. Wrist pins can be upgraded to suit your power level. The pistons are made in the USA and are available in three bore sizes: 4.50", 4.53" and 4.60". Visit cp-carrillo.com or call (949) 567-9000.

CP Carillo Power Adder Pistons

LSx Water Manifold:
Meziere's new water crossover manifold for Chevy LS series engines allows for a single water source to be evenly distributed to both banks of your block and provides a simple plumbing solution for boats not using an automotive style, block mounted circulating pump. The design features -16AN supply ports and -12AN return ports on each side and 1/8in. NPT and 3/8in. NPT ports for sensors or additional plumbing. The manifold is precision CNC-machined in the USA from billet aluminum and is offered in polished, clear, and black anodized finishes and includes the necessary gaskets and fasteners. Visit meziere.com or call (800) 208-1755.

Meziere LSx Water Manifold

250 Amp Alternator: MechMan Alternators has released a new, large case, marine certified 250 amp alternator that fits marine engines using the popular late model GM LS truck bolt pattern. The six phase alternators employ cutting edge technology not found in other marine alternators which allows them to operate at cooler temperatures and produce an incredible 160+ amps at engine idle and a full 250+ amps at cruising RPM. The alternator’s housings are hard black anodized and then gray enamel coated for superior corrosion resistance. The alternator meets or exceeds SAEJ1171, ISO 8846, and USCG Title 33 standards for ignition protection. Made in the USA. Visit mechman.com or call (888) MECHMAN.

Mechman 250 Amp Alternator

EZ Return Rivet Fittings: These fittings are the perfect solution to install anywhere a leak-proof bung is needed and access is not available to attach both ends. Installing a fuel injection return in a fuel tank or adding a temp sender into your oil pan are common uses. Simply drill a hole, insert into the surface, and use the supplied bolt to tighten into place. The fitting works like a rivet nut insert for a super easy and clean installation. EZ Return Fittings will work on material up to 1/4" thick and are available in -4AN, -6AN, -8AN, and -10AN configurations. Visit classicperform.com or call (714) 522-2000.

EZ Return Rivet Fittings

Chevy LS Engine Mock Up Kits:
When rigging or repowering your boat with one of Chevrolet’s modern LS engines, Speedway Motors new, lightweight Engine Mock Up kit is a must have. Laser cut from 12-gauge steel and weighing just 18 pounds for the short block version and 35 pounds for the long block version, the mock up can be lifted in and out of your boat without the need for an engine hoist. Easily position engine mounts, confirm oil pan clearance, establish driveline angle, or ensure exhaust alignment. When done, the Mock Up can be disassembled and simply stored away. Big Block Chevy Mock Ups kits are coming soon. Visit speedwaymotors.com or call (800) 979-0122.

Speedway Motors Chevy LS Engine Mock Up Kits

Performance Carburetor:
Edelbrock presents its new VRS-4150 line of carburetors as “race carburetors that are street friendly.” The carbs are packed with features that will appeal to racers, engine builders and hot boaters looking for easy tuning, versatility and improved performance and were previously only found on much higher priced models. The double pump, mechanical secondary carbs feature four circuit, fully adjustable, billet metering blocks, externally adjustable idle air, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) mount and fuel bowls that are 20% larger than competitor’s. The carb base includes both 4150 and 4500 bolt patterns. VRS-4150 carburetors are available in 650 CFM, 750 CFM, 850 CFM, and 950 CFM. Visit edelbrock.com or call (888) 799-1135.

Edelbrock Performance Carburetor

Laser Guided Fuel Level Sending Unit: This new sender from Classic Instruments uses a microprocessor controlled laser device to computate an algorithm and determines the fuel level in your boat’s fuel tank. Unlike commonly used float style or tube style senders, the Laser Sender has no mechanical components or moving parts ensuring the sender will not fluctuate under hard acceleration or rough water conditions. The sender allows for adjustment of the movement’s sensing speed to further adapt to water conditions and provide stable gauge readings. The sender can be calibrated for use with multiple fuel gauge applications including standard marine 0-240 ohm units and will work with tanks from 4" to 40" deep. Visit classicinstruments.com or call (231) 582-0461.

Classic Instruments Laser Guided Fuel Level Sending Unit

Remote Primer Filter Bypass: Peterson Fluid Systems’ remote primer oil filter bypass allows you to use a standard hand drill to easily prime your engine. The integral rotor pump can produce 20 psi of oil pressure to make sure all your bearing surfaces are properly oiled. The bypass can also be disconnected and used to drain your boat’s engine oil. The filter bypasses are billet aluminum and have a black hardcoat anodized finish. They are offered with -10AN ports for standard filters and -12AN ports for large filters. An optional screw-on-filter bypass will allow for additional filtration options. Visit petersonfluidsys.com or call (800) 926-7867.

Peterson Fluid Systems Remote Primer Filter Bypass

Marine Engine Oil:
Pennzoil Outdoors line of engine oils are designed for the vehicles of outdoor enthusiasts, including boats. While their full synthetic oil is well suited for the extreme conditions of the marine environment, the Pennzoil technology team has translated these benefits into the unique engine oil formulations that provide performance-boosting additives, which target critical needs in marine engines, to provide greater fuel efficiency. Pennzoil offers their Outdoors marine 4-cycle engine oil in two configurations, SAE 10W-30 and SAE 25W-40. The oil surpasses the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) requirements for SI, SL, and SM specifications and exceeds OEM requirements. Visit Pennzoil.com.

Pennzoil Marine Engine Oil