MYCO Trailers has announced a new partnership with BulletProof Hitches, offering a full range of trailer towing products and accessories. BulletProof Hitches is quickly becoming the leader in towing large payloads, and the BulletProof Hitch is described as the highest quality trailer hitch in existence. Built for today’s large trucks with 3” Receivers, the BulletProof Hitch can handle payloads up to 36,000 lbs. with Drop/Rise measurements from 2” to 16”. MYCO customers will now have access to the complete line of BulletProof Hitches products, which will properly match the MYCO tongue weight and tow capacity for the smoothest tow on the road.

“We are very excited to partner with BulletProof Hitches and look forward to providing our customers the best products on the market to tow todays large boats,” says Denis McComb, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The BulletProof Hitch will allow our customers to properly tow a MYCO custom trailer, and their unique hitch design will tow with a ball or a pintle using the same hitch. It's a great idea for our dealers and marinas towing different size trailers. Plus, our customers will benefit from other quality products, such as trailer locks and straps. As boaters and trailer experts, we understand the need to partner with other industry leaders to help our customers experience the best tow to and from the ramp.”

The towing capabilities of pickup trucks have steadily risen over the last 30 years, with new trucks capable of towing 30,000+ pounds. This consistent increase in towing capability pushed the need for BulletProof Hitches to create a trailer hitch that could match and/or exceed the tow rating of new trucks in addition to providing the versatility necessary to tow multiple trailers at different ride heights. Their solution to this ongoing issue was to create the ultimate trailer hitch to surpass anything the industry had seen before. The BulletProof Hitch is the highest quality trailer hitch in existence.

Unlike all other drop hitches, the BulletProof Hitch features high-quality steel construction. Offering hitches in 2-inch, 2.5-inch and 3-inch receiver sizes and drop sizes ranging from 2 inches through 16 inches, BulletProof Hitches has a hitch for every vehicle and allows towing any trailer at the correct level.  The full line of compatible accessories ensures a towing solution for any situation without having to switch out your hitch. It is backed by a lifetime warranty and designed to be the last hitch you'll ever need.

For more information: www.bulletproofhitches.com