The 36-year-strong Lake of the Ozarks Shootout has secured Monster Energy as its presenting sponsor alongside its decade-strong title sponsor, Performance Boat Center, in 2024.

The sheer growth and total amount of funds accrued each year on behalf of the Lake of the Ozarks’ nonprofits and first responders, along with an increase in overall participation and worldwide viewership has, in large part, been a direct result of the Shootout’s elite sponsors’ endless support throughout the years. Since 1989, its most giving sponsors have included familiar names such as Budweiser, Performance Boat Center, and now, Monster Energy.

“Just as the event grew with Budweiser in the Shootout’s infant stages while hosted at the iconic and unforgettable Shooters 21—and has since evolved into what it is today at Captain Ron’s with the unwavering support of Performance Boat Center—we have the utmost faith that Monster Energy will unleash the next era of the Shootout,” said Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Executive Director Leah Martin (2021-present). “We look forward to a thirty-sixth year that amplifies and grows this event into something we have never seen before as the largest performance boating event in the world. For us, Monster Energy was a natural fit and we are so thankful to have them aboard.” With an unsurprising yet hefty goal of raising even more funds than ever before at the 36th Annual Shootout, it’s all hands on deck year-round, and a partnership with Monster Energy just gave LOTO a leg up.

In addition to 40+ tri-county fire and police jurisdictions, non-profits, and community organizations, Monster Energy’s sponsorship will help drive tourism for local businesses, property owners, area opportunities, and more. Paramount to everything else, however, is how Monster Energy’s funding will increase the quality of life for those across the Lake of the Ozarks community who need support the most. In partnering with brands such as Budweiser, Performance Boat Center, and now, Monster Energy, the level of much-needed funding required to sustain a better community for all becomes not only possible, but a reality for many.

“High speed, high horsepower off-shore race boats roaring across the Lake of the Ozarks in this Nation’s heartland. Speeds and high performance that actually rival NASCAR. And now, a hyped-up crowd powered by Monster Energy. It just all adds up,” said Mark Hall, President of Monster Energy. “Monster Energy is all about horsepower and world class motorsport and we are absolutely stoked to be on board with Performance Boat Center as sponsors of this high profile and wildly popular LOTO event. 36 years in the making and now we’re about to power into a whole new era. Dive in and Unleash the Beast!”

We’ll cheers to that, Monster Energy.