The final race in the second day of Race World Offshore’s World Championships saw Super Cat and Superboat Extreme class competition, as well as an all-new spec class, 860, facing off in Key West.

M-CON and Canada Homes, which had finished first and second in Wednesday’s Super Cat race, repeated their finish on Friday. M-CON, another 388 Skater featuring Myrick Coil and Tyler Miller, finished first, and Canada Homes, a 388 Skater campaigned by Johnny Tomlinson and Lorne Leibel, took second. WHM Motorsports, with Brit Lilly and Jay Muller, came in third. They were followed by Greydel and Chariots of Fire.

In Superboat Extreme, Huski Wear (with Sir Steve Curtis and Carlos de Quesada) was victorious for the second time this week. In second place was the 44’9″ Mystic Lucas Oil, with Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson. Meanwhile, Sweetwater raced uncontested in the new 860 spec class.