What could an owner of a boat lift company, a boat rigging crew, a former night club owner, a retired firefighter, a beer distributor and a trio of volunteers all have in common? This seemingly mixed group will be inducted in the 10th annual Bob Morgan Memorial Shootout Hall Fame next month, on Aug. 23.

The organizing committee of the 34th Annual Shootout announced its 10th Annual Hall of Fame Class of 2022 today, and this year’s class appears to be the most diverse group yet, representing individuals and companies from all areas of the event.

Mark Maasen, owner of Poly Lift Boat Lifts, has been a part of the event since its inception and currently sits on their Board of Directors. Starting as a patrol boat driver, Maasen has been involved in many aspects of the event over the past 33 years.

Scott Lyons and Ruben Sifuentes of Central Power and Riggings also have a storied past with the event, including their work with well known racers such as Slug Hefner, Doc Janssen and Bob Morgan, just to name a few. While other names may be more well known, these two have been very active in the background, and having a direct effect on the race and the speeds that have produced Top Guns.

John Teichman was the owner of the original home of the Shootout in its final years. Shooters 21 is well-known as a staple of the event during its infancy and growth. Teichman was influential in bringing on now longtime sponsor Missouri Eagle, a Budweiser distributor. This sponsorship was key to putting the Shootout on the national radar. It is rumored that the nightclub remained open its final year simply to allow the Shootout to provide another year of funding for local Fire and Rescue Departments.

Mike Gordon was a firefighter in Kansas when he competed in his first race in 1995. Gordo, as he is known, suffered a massive brain hemorrhage in 2007, forcing a break from racing while he healed. In true firefighter grit Gordo fought back and returned to the event in 2009. The 2008 race featured the chant “Get Well Gordo” as his presence was sorely missed.

Missouri Eagle is one of a very few title sponsors of the event to be placed in the Hall of Fame. It was their sponsorship and commitment to the event in the early years of the race that turned the local event into a national event. The funds it has donated, and the support it has given, has helped many charities over the years.

For many years, Michael Wagner, Toni Wagner and Sandy Laffoon have operated the most critical tools at the race: the radar guns. This job requires experience and dedication as every pass needs to be recorded quickly and accurately.

The Shootout organizing committee congratulates the 2022 class of inductees into the Bob Morgan Memorial Shootout Hall of Fame.

Pictured: Mark Maasen, Toni & Michael Wagner, Sandy Laffoon & Ed Brown of Missouri Eagle.

Press release by Jeffrey Dorhaurer Sr. / Feature image by Kimber Cline