No, Arizona’s sprawling 26-mile-long Lake Havasu is not closed because of COVID-19.

And no, despite rumors to the contrary, the Channel has not closed down either. At least, not yet.

However, as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 31, officials will be placing restrictions on mooring in the famous Bridgewater Channel, according to Lake Havasu Police Sgt. Tom Gray.

“We will not allow any mooring in the channel, which will include the extension down into Rotary Park,” he told Speedboat. “The boat ramps will remain open.”

Asked how long these rules would be in place, Gray said, “Right now, with the Governor’s order, it will be in place until April 30.”

Gray said the city would not be closing off any access to the water. Instead, residents and boaters will be encouraged to “be responsible, and if they’re going to go out and enjoy the lake, to practice social distancing.”

Although there hasn’t been any kind of mass citywide testing for the COVID-19, Gray said only two locals had been officially confirmed positive for the virus. He added that because testing has been so limited, the number was likely higher. The exact numbers remain unknown at this time.

As for how the Lake Havasu Police Department has been coping with the crisis, Gray said, “We’re doing well. None of our guys have come down with it yet. We’re encouraging our local community to phone in reports—if they have a matter that doesn’t require an officer to come out and personally investigate, go to our website and file the report there, or contact an officer by phone. Our lobby is still open, but we’re limiting the number of people who can come in. A lot of people want to renew their dog licenses; we encourage them to do that online. It’s not that we’re ignoring crimes, but for the misdemeanors, we’re not physically taking them into the jail at this time. If it’s a minor misdemeanor crime, they’re getting cited and released in the field to appear at a future date. This is to avoid introducing the virus into our jail population more than already has.”