Big news from the Texas Outlaw Challenge: Kenny Armstrong‘s infamous pool party will return to the schedule when the event returns to Clear Lake in Texas, June 22-26.

Although the South’s rowdiest speedboating run returned to the Lone Star State in 2021 after sitting out 2020, one of its premier components was put on hold due to COVID-19: Armstrong’s epic party, held at his private residence.

Armstrong is the charismatic playboy who owns and operates the famous 48’ MTI Phantom and is the title sponsor of the event with his company, DH Tech, a dehumidification company that provides humidity and temperature control solutions to multiple industries. Every year, Armstrong opens up his home—and pool—to all of the participants of the Challenge to come eat, drink and be merry. (It also happens to be the first card stop of the Poker Run.) And if the provided food, drinks and camaraderie aren’t enough to keep you entertained, then cue the Swimsuit USA bikini contest and skydiving exhibition that lands in his yard, around the fleet of helicopters that came to join the festivities. It’s all part of what makes Kenny’s party the “crown jewel” of the Challenge.

Now, with rapidly plummeting COVID-19 case rates and mask mandates loosening nationwide, the return of Kenny’s pool party is a huge reason to celebrate. “We are very excited that he will be participating with the event again,” says event organizer Paul Robinson. “We’d like to put a special invitation out to out-of-town boaters in the Northeast and the Chicago area to join Kenny at his place and to the Texas Outlaw Challenge.”

The record number of boats to dock at Armstrong’s house is 185, according to Robinson. “We’re looking for another record year, and there’s no doubt that’s going to happen,” says Robinson. “Due to last year’s Return of the Champions theme, the Shootout has been rejuvenated. We have a number of new dockside marina and restaurant stops. There will be more dining opportunities on Friday and Saturday that people can enjoy, as well as the two-day poker run.”

Another new feature for 2022 will be Sunday’s $10,000 Outlaw Rodeo Fishing Tournament. “We’re really excited about this new Sunday event,” Robinson says. “This will be an opportunity for all boaters to participate.”

Armstrong says he’s thrilled that the three supporting cities have once again signed on to be part of the fun. “We are grateful for the return of Kemah, Seabrook and Nassau Bay,” he says. “We have a 15-year history together, and all signs point to this being another growth year.”

As for what special high-concept surprises might be up Armstrong’s sleeve for 2022, all we can do is wait and see. But it’s guaranteed to be another mind-blower.