Justice League Race Team owner Don Urfer of Sarasota, FL, has purchased the 2010 Stihl 388 Skater (most recently campaigned as Gone Again) and announced plans to run the full season in Super Cat Class.

The Skater was most recently owned by Kenny Mungle Jr., who purchased it from the late JR Noble Sr. Mungle raced the boat with his father; after Kenny Mungle Sr. passed away, the boat was put up for sale.

Urfer will be driving the boat with throttleman Richard A. Davis, also of Sarasota. Both have a long history of racing: Urfer has been a player in offshore since 1986 and earned a Class One World Championship title driving Cigarette Justice League at the 2021 World Finals held in Key West, FL. Davis, meanwhile, is a four-time world champion and was inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions in 2006.

Veteran racer Cory Shantry, also from Sarasota, will serve as an alternate driver, while Bobby Adams, a former crew member of the GEICO and Sprit of Qatar race teams, will serve as crew chief.

This will mark Urfer’s first time racing a Skater. The Stihl 388, which has a seasoned history and a robust following, is now in Sarasota and will soon start getting some mechanical TLC and a facelift as Ryan Beckley of Kinetic Animation will wrap the hull in Justice League graphics. “It will be totally different,” Urfer says. “It will look more like the Cigarette Justice League boat.”

Over the past year, he says, he’s worked hard to get back into racing has built a solid team. “I’m really looking forward to the upcoming race season,” he says.

Davis has raced in a wide range of boats, both as driver and throttleman, including Extreme Liquid Assets, Team Extreme, Tilted Kilt and Pitman Photo Express. He tells Speedboat his favorite race courses are the local ones (Sarasota and Clearwater), but he also relishes Michigan City, IN, and Key West.

“That’s the ultimate venue,” he says. “I was competing at Key West for about 10 years straight before taking a couple of years off. I had been friends with Don for quite a while, and he popped up one day and said, ‘Hey, you wanna go racing?’ That’s when we started racing in Cigarette Justice League, and it turned out to be a real crowd favorite.”