In OPA’s fifth race of its Englewood World Finals, six Super Stock teams raced alongside a pair of Modified Vee teams.

Two 32’ Victory hulls led the pack in Super Stock: Reese Langheim and Julian Maldonado in S-42 Jackhammer took an early lead, followed by Cole Lible and Gary Ballough in S-19 FJ Propeller. They were followed by Al Penta and Jay Muller in Phase 5, a 32’ Doug Wright hull, to round out the podium finish.

In Modified Vee, Sun Print (with Steve Fehrmann and Steve Miklos) took the lead over Sheriff Lobo (with Morgan Honnock and Shameel Mohammed), which appeared to drop out of the race about halfway through.

Today’s final race will feature Unlimited, Factory 450, Vee Extreme and bracket classes 1 and 2.