IMCO Marine of San Dimas, CA, has introduced a new gimbal with a digital trim readout for its SCX outdrive.

“Instead of a cable on the side of the trim ram, you can go digital with it,” says IMCO Marine’s Fred Inman Jr. “We’re proud to have come out out with this digital indicator for new boat installations. It’s still our same gimbal assembly; we’ve just accessorized it and made some modifications to accept the electric trim center on the side of the gimbal ring.”

Among the first builders to purchase the new units is Nordic Boats of Lake Havasu City, AZ.

“We’ll be installing them on a couple of our new 29-foot deckboats powered by Mercury Racing 600 SCi motors,” says Nordic’s Ron Tesarski. “They’ll be for guys who want something a little stronger than a Bravo drive. We haven’t done the complete install on them yet, but it sounds like it should be a no-brainer as far as working with the trim and the Vessel View system—we won’t have to run extra cables up to the dash.”

Sold as a complete gimbal assembly only, this new innovation from IMCO may be ordered at at IMCO’s website, or call (800) 899-8058 for any questions or pricing inquiries.