Like the vast majority of organizations in the marine industry, the wildly popular Florida Powerboat Club was forced to make changes to its 2020 schedule. The group wound up having to cancel or postpone at least five major events from March through June. FPC leader Stu Jones tells Speedboat about the group’s remaining plans for the year.

“With the country slowing coming back online, we were able to restructure our 2020 schedule and modify event formats to accommodate the COVID-19 challenges,” he says. “Major events like the Bahamas, Emerald Coast, Tampa Bay and Key West Poker Runs were kept on the the 2020 calendar. We thank our sponsoring partners and FPC members for working with us on these modifications, and we are optimist that the new format will keep us in compliance with these new social distancing guidelines.”

FPC’s series continues with new dates for Bahamas Poker Run: July 24-29, 2020.

The complete schedule can be seen here: https://flpowerboat.com/florida-powerboat-club-events/

Please note: These changes include the new dates for Tampa Bay Poker Run: Sept 24-29, 2020.

Speedboat looks forward to covering FPC’s 2020 events.