Cigarette Racing of Opa-Locka, FL, has unveiled its 52' Thunder center console model, created to fill the gap between its 42' Auroris and 59' Tirranna models. The initial 52' Thunder is equipped with six of Mercury Racing's brand-new 500R outboards.

"This boat was a long time coming," Cigarette Racing CEO Alex Ruiz told Speedboat. "Ever since we purchased the company, we've wanted to bridge that gap. Our idea was to build something that was impressive at anchor as it performs on the water, and we have achieved that with this boat."

The 52' Thunder features a full 14-foot beam and a 24-degree deadrise, designed to provide superior performance through rough water conditions. "We're super excited about this boat's engineering details," Ruiz says. "It's full of new technology, and we've already received a great deal of interest in it. The 52' Thunder is going to redefine safety, comfort and performance. It checks every box."

In addition, adds Cigarette Chief Marketing Officer Cristina Ruiz, the boat is extremely functional, never straying from the Cigarette DNA. "We want people to be able to enjoy their experience out on the water, so we've made sure that all of the features lend themselves to entertainment, fun and experience—all of the things that people have come to expect from and love about our brand."

Once you've taken the boat where you want to go, it's time to enjoy its proliferation of amenities. At the transom, in front of the outboards, there's a full "chef's kitchen" area that opens up to reveal a couple of grills, a sink and room for a fridge. There's also a large storage area built into the floor in the rear of the boat that opens hydraulically at the push of a button, ideal for fenders, water toys, etc.

Moving forward, there's a massive entertainment and lounge area with a very comfortable horseshoe-shaped couch area designed to accommodate 10 or more passengers. They have access to a large actuated dining table that raises from the floor. When the table is lowered, this area becomes the boat's dance floor. A bimini shade extends from the boat's T-top to provide shade for everybody in the rear of the boat. A push of a button also allows the rear-facing lounger to extend to become a sun bed. There's also a door on the starboard side of the boat.

The 52' Thunder's helm station has been deftly and tastefully designed. There are two rows of seating behind the center console: the front row with four seats and the second with three bolster seats. Not only can these seats drop completely down to provide more space to walk around, but they can also be raised and lowered at the push a button to adjust for a pilot's height. For extra added comfort, a built-in gas shock absorber beneath each seat greatly eases any bumps when you're hitting wakes at 60 mph. At the dash, there are three oversized Garmin monitors, as well as cupholders.

Just a few steps down from the center console is a large cabin with more than 6 feet of headroom, a cabinet with full-size mirror, a fridge, a couch and sleeping area with television and two opaque windows on both sides that convert from opaque (for privacy) to clear (for an unobstructed view) with a push of a button. There's also a separate bathroom with door, toilet, shower and sink.

Amazing attention to details abound, such as stylishly designed metallic speaker covers that have been placed throughout the boat. In the bow, there's a wraparound seating area for at least eight passengers. They can access to a control panel that adjusts lighting, stereo controls and the height of the dining table that raises up hydraulically from the floor. Also in the bow area, directly in front of the center console, is an oversized, forward-facing seating area with three individually sculpted reclining seats made for the ultimate in comfort.

Take a look at this video of the boat's official unveiling: