Wraith Powerboats of Lake Havasu, AZ, builder of a stylish 28-foot high-performance catamaran, is hard at work tooling a 40-foot center console model it hopes to have competed by the 2024 boating season, according to company owner Gene Cunningham.

“The boat will be called the 40' Draugr (pronounced drowger),” Cunningham says. The name refers to an undead creature from Norse mythology, often guarding buried treasure. “The word Wraith means ghost, so we're using another ghost theme.”

The introduction of the Draugr represents the first time a West Coast muscleboat builder has officially thrown its hat into the proverbial ring to compete with the proliferation of East Coast center consoles, although a number of others have expressed interest over the years. “We're in the tooling stage right now and we should have a boat wet within probably about 10 months,” Cunningham says. “We’ve been around for five years, we have a beautiful catamaran and we’ve been seeing a lot of center consoles coming to Havasu. They’re kind of a hot commodity now, so we’ve just decided to build one. We’re going to make a sick center console.”

The boat will be 40 feet in length, with an 11-foot beam, and will be powered by quad Mercury Racing 450R outboards. “We’ve designed it to have a full cabin, with a galley, a nice-sized bed, a TV, shower," Cunningham says. "It’s going to be a beautiful boat.”