Wozencraft Insurance, well-known for providing comprehensive coverage of high-performance craft, is launching a program to insure classic pre-1986 hot boats 17 to 24 feet long.

According to owner Devin Wozencraft, the ideal candidates for this new program are seasoned, mature owners whose boats are powered by engines up to 1,300 hp. There’s no cap on the speed limits of these boats, he added.

To kick off this promotion, Wozencraft will be underwriting boats owned by residents of California, Arizona and Nevada. “But if we write enough insurance, then we have the ability to start opening up other states,” he explained. “We’re offering liability limits up to $1 million, and we will not depreciate the value that we insure for. So our customers know that in the worst-case scenarios—if their house burns down, or the boat is stolen, or it’s wiped out by a truck while towing it or whatever—they know that they’re going to receive policy limits on their claim, minus any deductible that they choose.”

Wozencraft said that depending on the driving record, maturity of the owner-operator and other factors, the company might give special consideration to boats over 1,300 hp.

“Last but not least, the premiums we’re offering are very attractive,” Wozencraft said. “The average policy premium is only $800 for the year, which is really good.”

For more information about the program, call John Ohail at (888) 477-6517, or click here to visit the company’s website.