Motorsports Legend Travis Pastrana, who has been making headlines on the offshore racing circuit for the past few years—has signed an endorsement deal with Good Boy Vodka to launch a ready-to-drink cocktail called Citrus Circus. Pastrana, a professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer, is known for Nitro Circus, his "action sport collective." He has won championships on two wheels, four wheels and offshore powerboats while taking home 11 X Games gold medals and performing record breaking stunts around the world.

“I met Travis in Michigan City when we raced P1 offshore boats against each other in 10 foot waves and the back of my boat broke apart. I knew after meeting Travis that his contagious energy was completely unparalleled," says Good Boy Vodka founder and CEO Alex Pratt. “We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Travis. The Good Boy Vodka team has been patiently waiting for the launch of Citrus Circus.”

Good Boy Vodka is a charity-driven, high-energy lifestyle vodka brand that supports our nation’s military veterans and K9 military dogs through its own foundation, The Good Boy Foundation. "Travis is a big supporter of our military and is always pushing boundaries in action sports," Pratt says. The Good Boy Vodka brand is now available in 26 states, and is expected to available nationwide (including Alaska and Hawaii) by the end of 2024). The products have expanded into many major retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, Meijer and more.

Citrus Circus was inspired by Travis’s favorite cocktail, the “Maryland Orange Crush." Living in Maryland, this very popular cocktail is on every restaurant and bar menu in the state. Citrus Circus is made with all natural orange juice, GBV craft vodka, and is naturally sweetened with cane sugar and Stevia. It is described as refreshingly sweet and tart.

Pratt told Speedboat that the drink has been in the works for at least a year, and that putting a celebrity's name on a canned beverage can be a lengthy process. "It took us a year to get [golfer] John Daly's drink out too," he says. "It has to go through so many channels and reviews in order to be approved. It was a lot of work—we've just been battling with the government to gain approval." GBV's John Daly cocktail is a ready-to-drink drink that combines premium Good Boy Vodka with natural fruit flavors, including blackberry, peach, iced tea, and lemonade flavors; Pastrana's Citrus Circus is orange-flavored. "Travis is from Maryland," Pratt explains. "Orange Crush is essentially orange juice, Sprite and vodka. We used all-organic ingredients like super high-concentrated orange juice with a little bit of carbonation and our vodka. And it is amazing."

One of the more enjoyable parts of the process was fine-tuning the ingredients with Pastrana. "Travis flew out and joined us at our flavor house in California. We huddled and drank all day, tweaking the recipe. It was very cool! We had a good time doing it."

Pastrana will host an official marketing launch of Citrus Circus at “Pastranaland” in Annapolis, MD, in January, when it will start hitting the shelves. Viewers can watch live stunt videos on Travis’s and Good Boy Vodka’s social media pages during this launch.

Citrus Circus will be available in stores, restaurants, and bars around the country in January 2024.