Win Farnsworth (left) ith Kelly and Chuck Broadus

Team Farnsworth, a leading presence in the offshore racing community, has announced their acquisition of the highly sought-after Broadco SuperCat MTI. This strategic move solidifies Team Farnsworth's commitment to excellence and further establishes their position in the Super Cat class of offshore racing.
Brad Hancock, founder and CEO of Hancock Claims Consultants, expressed his excitement about this significant development. "We are so pleased to be entering the pinnacle class in the offshore racing family and adding it to our wildly successful National Champion Vee Extreme 44 Fountain," he says.
Win Farnsworth adds: "I think it can compete at the top levels of Super Cat. But we're going to walk before we run. We want to build a safe, successful and respectful program that will turn into a competitive one. I feel like this boat is extraordinarily quick. We're excited to be getting a cat, which is obviously the pedigree I came from."
The Broadco SuperCat MTI represents a cutting-edge addition to Team Farnsworth's formidable fleet, promising enhanced performance and competition prowess. This acquisition aligns with Team Farnsworth's dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in offshore racing. This season, the Farnsworth team had a boat in the Vee Extreme class (Team Farnsworth / Hancock Claims Consultants, with Christian McCauley and Jay Healy), along with two boats in the Bracket 500 boat (Bulletproof/Team Farnsworth, with Elijah Kingery and Eric Ullom, and Team Farnsworth Motorsports/Hancock Claims Consultants, wtih Healy and Rob O'Connell). "And potentially, we will have a Bracket 700 boat as well," Farnsworth says.
As for who will be piloting the Broadco Super Cat competitor, Farnsworth says he's not ready to reveal that information just yet. "Right now, we're focusing on winning the World Championships in Key West in the coming week," he says.
Farnsworth and Hancock have set their sights on an impressive debut for the SuperCat MTI. The team intends to showcase the boat's capabilities at the Race World Offshore event in Marathon scheduled for April of 2024. This event will serve as a platform for demonstrating the SuperCat MTI's power and agility to a global audience of enthusiasts, sponsors, and fellow competitors.
He gives kudos to his longtime girlfriend, Sara, whom he says has "worked very hard on this." She told Speedboat that she's delighted by Broadco's rebranding: "I've been working with Aaron Roberts of New York-based IR Designs for a while now, and his first rendering really knocked it out of the park. We couldn't believe it."
As anticipation builds for this momentous debut, Team Farnsworth invites fans and partners to stay tuned for further updates and exciting developments. The acquisition of the Broadco SuperCat MTI is poised to elevate Team Farnsworth's competitive edge and solidify their standing as a force to be reckoned with in the offshore racing community.