Norris Lake in Tennessee will soon be the host of Rocky Top Power Run, a two-day fun-run event that will comprise more than nine marina stops and a party atmosphere along this scenic waterway. The event is scheduled for Aug. 16-17, and the final day will feature a houseboat and DJ tie-up at Boy Scout Cove ending at Tiki Hut Marina.

This is the second year of the event, organized by Matt Rogers of Rogers Bros. Detailing in LaFollette, TN. "Last year, I only had six days to put together the event," he tells Speedboat. "Even with a six-day lead time, we still had around 50 entries and more than 200 people at the tie-up. This year, we have a lot more time to plan, and I have a great team helping me." Rogers said Dustin Boes, who is a long-time attendee and enthusiast of Lake Cumberlands Poker Run, has been helping out as well. "He's in my corner and has helped me out organizing this year, to make sure it goes off without a hitch."

Participants will make stops at nearly a dozen marinas, where they will receive stamps from the marinas on a card. "At the end of the run, on Saturday night, based on how many stamps you've collected, you can receive up to seven cards. It'll be a blind draw, and we'll give away prizes. We'll have several different awards, like coolest paint job, slowest boat, first to break, stuff like that. And if someone visits all the stops, they'll get a special gift as well."

Rogers says Norris Lake is the ideal venue for a run like this. "You wouldn't believe how clean the lake is here," he says. "You can see 30 foot down on this lake. It's a reservoir, so the water is 96% pure. The lake starts the Tennessee River, and it's beautiful." He says he is working overtime to lure some big players to the event, including Paul Ison with Cigarette, and representatives from Mystic, Doug Wright, et al.

Rogers, who owns and operates a 33-foot Donzi, also owns Rogers Bros. Detailing, which offers polishing; detailing; and ceramic coatings, offering long-term protection by System X Ceramics that backs a saltwater warranty to high-end boats.

For more information about the Rocky Top Power Run or to register, please visit https://www.rogersbrosdetailing.com/about-4