Iowa-based offshore driver Randy Keys and throttleman Bill Allen, who completed their first year together piloting the MTI 390XR KLOVAR Motorsports in Stock 450 Class, have announced that they will be racing in Supercat class in 2023.

Keys told Speedboat that the MTI has been sold, and that he purchased a Skater in December previously owned by John Skeker and driven by Marty Siersma in Supercat class. The MTI has been sold to new owners.

"I love the 450 class, and I love my MTI. It was just an amazing boat. But as I started racing, I realized I kind of wanted to go into those bigger boats with a bit more power to them. I started wanting to get into the Supercat class and to see what it would take. Somehow, I convinced my wife to let me buy a Supercat boat. It's the old #10 Dependable Marine Skater."

Allen, who also owns and throttles the Team Allen Lawn Care competitor in Super Stock class, will join Keys in the Skater for the Supercat season.

"I'm really excited about having Bill in the boat," he says. "I don't think I'd have it any other way, quite frankly. We're both going to cut our teeth in the class a little bit, but he is someone who I trust a lot. I trust him with my life."

It's likely that the Skater will run under the KLOVAR banner, but Keys says he is currently in talks with various sponsors, and that a number of different scenarios are possible. Even so, he said that the boat's appearance will undergo some "dramatic changes."

"It's gonna change quite a bit," he says. "We're adding some colors we haven't had, and we're taking off some colors that we did have. There won't be as much green as there has been in the past. It will be a different design."

Although he will miss the KLOVAR MTI, Keys' personal boat is an MTI 390X pleasure craft.