UK-based Powerboat P1, the exclusive worldwide rights holder for the UIM Class 1 World Championship, is partnering with the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout to produce next year's broadcast of the event.

Teague Custom Marine founder and Speedboat columnist Bob Teague, along with announcer Rod Smith, will continue to emcee the action during the 35th annual event. In addition to planning a number of new features to the livestream, P1 will also produce a version of the shootout to be broadcast on CBS Sports Network and the Bally Regional Sports Network in addition to livestream coverage from both days.

"The Shootout is an internationally renowned event, and we are excited to be involved and be able to expand the reach to a national and global audience both on the livestream and via our television broadcast platform," said Azam Rangoonwala, Powerboat P1's chief executive officer. "I cannot wait to attend the event in 2023!"

P1 business director Thomas Covington added: "We were just blown away at how big the event was, and how much it's grown over the years. After a few meetings with Shootout Director Leah Martin, we felt that we could really help them take the event to the next level and just make it easier for the fans to follow by making the livestream a bit better. Also, with the distribution on CBS and Bally, including the international distribution, I think it will be really good for the event."

Shootout board member Captain Ron Duggan, the owner of Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill, told Speedboat that he's encouraged by the partnership. "I'm excited about the amount of additional people that the event will reach," he said. "This is huge for the Shootout, the whole Lake of the Ozarks area and everybody involved in it. It's also big for our sponsors. Everybody who is involved in the Shootout gets a lot of exposure, so we're, we're thrilled about it."

Meanwhile, Teague said he welcomes the augmentations that the 2023 event will bring. "This ushers in a new generation of the Shootout," he said. "They're going expand the style of coverage with more cameras and drones, and give viewers a broader range of capabilities," he said. "P1 is going to be doing some great post-production work with CBS and Bally Sports Network."