Porta Products Corporation and Marine Design Corporation announce today a collaboration of products and technology to introduce the POD by Porta powered by TrimSync. In development for almost two years, both tech partners chose the 2020 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout to launch this new product for the marine industry.

“Adjusting engine trim and transom lift (height of the outboard motor relative to the running surface) has always been somewhat of a fine art,” says Scott Porta. “With the POD, powered by TrimSync, all of the guesswork goes away.”

POD (Position on Demand) allows a set-it-and-forget-it function for the boater. With four (4) distinctly different operating positions, optimum trim and transom lift can be set and recalled. The boat operator or captain can use four (4) preset buttons based on boat loading, horsepower and required operational demands and with a push of that button set the perfect engine trim and transom lift setting. The Porta Transom Lift System allows vertical movement up to 24″ and a possible set back from 8″ to 26″. POD will integrate position (height) of the outboard engine anywhere needed to achieve the optimum acceleration (from start), troll, cruise or top speed.

Mike Cleseri of Marine Design Corporation said: “We have been building TrimSync for many years for high performance and multi-engine applications. Integrating our technology with the features of the POD for the Porta Transom Lift was a natural. “Whether it’s one Transom Lift and one outboard engine, or multiple lifts and engines TrimSync can operate and control them all.”

The POD by Porta powered by TrimSync will be unveiled at the virtual IBEX in September 2020. Both companies are using feedback from this weekend’s LOTO ShootOut to learn more about model choices for production.