Doller Offshore, the Hollywood, FL-based marine dealership launched by Ron Doller in 1979, is being acquired by Performance Boat Center of the Lake of the Ozarks. Doller will change its name to Performance Boat Center of South Florida, but aside from adding a storage warehouse, a new showroom and some other cosmetic changes, the company will remain the same.

“Essentially, Performance Boat Center is buying me out,” said company owner Mindi Doller. “I’m still going to be involved,” she added. “I’ll be here for at least three years.”

According to Doller, Performance Boat Center wanted to have a South Florida location, since they have numerous customers in the area, and originally approached her about becoming a partner. Instead, she pitched them on the idea of handing her an exit strategy. “I’m going to be 60 years old soon,” she told Speedboat. “We’ve done business together over the years, and I really enjoy working with those guys, so we worked out a deal. They have the same commitment to customer service and business model that I do. We have a real synergy.”

The company will continue to grow, she said, and she looks forward to remaining part of it for the foreseeable future. “I just delivered a brand new 52’ MTI today that I sold,” she said. “Selling and delivering boats, and making customers happy, is what I do best. I’m very excited. The industry response has been fantastic.”