Imco Marine is offering a new version of its popular SCX drive’s lower unit designed to improve overall performance—especially for use with catamaran-style hulls. First introduced in 2009, the SCX drive has been refreshed and updated a few times over the years, including the SCX4 offshoot drive, which both can accommodate the #6 prop shaft for cleavers. The new lower-unit upgrade will be available for both the standard SCX (to be known as the 1400 series), while the lower unit for the SCX4 will be known as the SCX4-XF (extended fin).The new lower unit allows the bow to carry better, according to Imco’s Fred Inman Jr. “With the leading skeg, it allows it to pre-cut the water to take the pressure off of the leading nose of the drive so that it settles down in water,” he said, adding that those who had tested the new lower unit have given it very positive comments.“We’re excited because now we can run the bigger lower units on single-engine applications and retain the handling aspect that we had with the SC lower units,” Inman said.The upgrade to the new lower unit will cost about $1,000 more with blueprinting, or $200 with no blueprinting, and will be ideal for both single- and twin-engine applications.