MYCO Trailers of Bradenton, FL, has announced a partnership with PlashLights, a leading marine industry manufacturer of LED lighting specifically designed for the harsh saltwater environment. MYCO will now offer PlashLights products as an option on all trailers. PlashLights offers a complete line of Marine Grade LED lighting, from light bars and accent lights to RGBW Waterproof LED strip lighting that can be controlled directly from an app on your phone.

“PlashLights brings lighting to a whole new level,” said Denis McComb, MYCO’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our customers are always asking MYCO to make the trailers 'cooler', but we refuse to sacrifice design and safety just for looks. Unfortunately, most of the lighting companies we see come out of the trucking world, and they are not used to the harsh marine environments. PlashLights understands the marine industry, and they build products to perform and last, just like MYCO. In fact, they even offer a lifetime warranty on their product. We are excited to off PlashLights as a quality option for our customers.”

PlashLights offers a wide range of boat lighting products for all types of boats, including pontoon boats, bass boats, center console fishing boats, aluminum boats, wakeboard boats, kayaks, airboats, offshore boats, ferry's, work boats, and many more. Their lineup includes everything from marine LED light bars and LED spreader lights to flexible LED light strips and underwater transom lights—everything you need to illuminate your boat and its surroundings. Boating safely is the manufacturer's primary goal, and its lighting systems keep you well protected from the accidents that the unknown can cause. PlashLights products can be installed easily on your boat’s T-Top, grab rail, burn bar, casting platform or even underwater on your transom.  For more information, please visit https://plashlights.com/