When it comes time to getting your go-fast rig insured, it’s a safe bet that you’d feel most comfortable dealing with a fellow hot-boater. Long before he got involved in the world of premiums and liability, Andy Holthe owned a brokerage firm in Lake Havasu City, AZ, and owned numerous muscleboats, including a 30-foot Spectre with twin outboards. He has also owned and sold numerous DCBs and driven 160-mph Skaters. Speed is his friend, and he’s been fortunate enough to incorporate it into his career in one capacity or another for quite a long time.

Holthe learned the ins and outs of selling and dealing boats from personal experience: buying boats for his own personal use, then selling or trading them for something progressively faster and/or more attractive. Eventually his talent caught the eye of industry veterans like Gary Teague, who had rigged Holthe’s first DCB, and insurance guru Devon Wozencraft. “I became known for my referrals to people on financing and insurance,” he says. After cultivating a solid reputation as a straight-shooter on the entire performance spectrum—and making referrals to Wozencraft Insurance—the two forged a business relationship, and he became an independent contractor for his company.
Eventually, Wozencraft pitched the idea of Holthe selling insurance full time.  “I wasn’t interested in driving to an office every day, but he wanted me to be his high-performance marine specialist. So I did a crash-course in Anaheim, took my exam and now I’m a Farmer’s licensed agent. We have more marine carriers than anyone else when it comes to high performance boats.”

Holthe says he’s available seven days a week for new and existing customers. “Even if you don’t have a policy with us, you can contact me with your existing policy, just to go over it,” he says. “I can tell if you’re properly covered or not. I’m more than happy to help people by running through the numbers with them.”
Contact Holthe at (310) 480-4285 or email AgentAndy01@gmail.com.