Leah Martin, executive director of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, has announced the appointment of Christy Wagner to a full-time editor position.

"In a consistent effort to raise more funds for the Shootout’s many recipients each year—namely, our lake area First Responders and Nonprofit Organizations—the Shootout is continuing to grow and expand its team by adding a full-time editor position," Martin said. "In line with the Shootout’s original mission, the collective hope by all is to shed more light on the fun and exciting content produced throughout the year, and to share it with the world."

Christy Wagner
Christy Wagner

Martin said that the Shootout Board of Directors unanimously voted to internally appoint Wagner as Editor of Written Works and Designer of Creative Content. Along with the production of 2024’s 36th Annual Shootout Guide, this position will entail monthly newsletters, year-round features originated digitally for widespread online sharing and increased search engine optimization ranking, marketing, added sponsorship recognition and press releases.

As a local resident of the Lake of the Ozarks since 2009, Wagner has worked as editor alongside Showcase Publishing, one of the shootout’s title sponsors, for three consecutive years to help create the 32nd, 33rd and 34th annual Shootout Guides. "The Shootout wishes to thank Showcase Publishing for its years of service and generous support in helping this event bloom into all that it has become today—the lake’s largest fundraiser and a dedicated 501(c)(3) organization," Martin said.

The tentative release date for 10,000 printed copies of the 36th annual Shootout Guide is scheduled for memorial day weekend in May 2024. Copies will be mass circulated across the Lake of the Ozarks and beyond throughout the summer and ahead of next year’s races.

"Although next year’s guide will include staple features such as yearly Hall of Fame inductees, past winners, racer profiles, and more, there is much excitement behind the scenes for all that 2024 has in store for our followers," Martin said.

To secure your spot in 2024 while making next year’s races the very best yet, email Leah Martin at director@lakeoftheozarksshootout.com.