The Shootout, a dedicated nonprofit organization headquartered in Sunrise Beach, MO, continues to make off-season waves despite shortened days, falling temperatures, and a steady stream of Christmas tree lights shimmering through windows across the Lake of the Ozarks. Effective immediately, LOTO Powerfest/Lake Race will operate under the authority of the Shootout Board of Directors, along with the direct support of the Shootout’s many devoted volunteers.

According to Shootout Executive Director Leah Martin, "It is the collective hope of everyone in support of this positive transition to expand and amplify this premier, high-stakes performance boating event while growing it into a profitable, charitable boat race, with proceeds adding to that of the annual Shootouts each year. December has brought with it a new and exciting opportunity for the Lake Area’s largest fundraiser to raise even more funds for its many recipients each year—and to have more fun."

“This new transition of Lake Race/LOTO Powerfest to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is an exciting announcement for us all,” said Lake Race President Tom Abbett of their board’s decision. “We are excited for the Shootout to provide leadership and guidance on the eve of the 11th edition of Lake Race. The incredible possibilities and future growth of this event will allow for an immense impact on the powerboating community and numerous deserving local charities involved. This event just elevated onto the national stage of ‘must-attend’ events for racers and spectators alike.”

Known by many as the season opener at the Lake, next year’s Lake Race/LOTO Powerfest and its various events are scheduled during the weekend following Memorial Day. The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Guide will evolve into a singular summer racing guide as it combines with the former Lake Race Guide. The tentative release date for 10,000 printed copies of the 36th Annual Shootout/Lake Race/Summer Racing Guide is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend in May of 2024, where copies will be dispersed across the Lake Area and beyond throughout summer, and in advance of next year’s peak season runs and races. Stay tuned for pertinent e-newsletters and articles throughout 2024 as the Shootout’s digital footprint continues to grow.

As a strong and pivotal reminder, fundraising for the Shootout, and now Lake Race, will annually support all of the Shootout’s recipients, including a vast array of tri-county charities, fire protection districts, and law enforcement agencies. The Shootout and its multitude of yearly events aim to capitalize on visitors frequenting the Lake of the Ozarks ahead of Memorial Day Weekend while giving them even more reasons to come back for community events throughout the year, such as our many poker/fun runs, sanctioned and unsanctioned boat races, golf and fishing tournaments, trap shoots, treasure hunts, popup Christmas tree lots, an endless number of fundraisers, and so much more. The Lake of the Ozarks is truly a lake for all.

To secure your spot in 2024 while making next year’s races our very best yet, contact Leah Martin, Executive Director of the Shootout, at Director@lakeoftheozarksshootout.com.