Team Gone Again owner Kenny Mungle has purchased the recently retired 2010 Stihl 388 Skater from J.R. Noble.

“We are extremely excited about the 388,” Mungle said. “The type of events we will be able to participate in will not be limited to shootouts as we were in the 32.”

Along with teammate Lee Lockwood, Mungle had been waiting on the completion of the 368 Skater, being purchased from Ron Szolak, earlier in the year. However, after unfavorable sea trial results, the decision was made to not move forward with that boat. The team then focused their efforts on finding an alternate boat.

“We were driving through the Florida panhandle, heading back home to Texas, when I mentioned the Stihl boat…jokingly,” said Lee Lockwood, “The next thing I know, we’ve made a U-turn on Interstate 10 and are heading back east to go check it out.”

Soon thereafter, discussions between Noble and Mungle began and a sea trial date was scheduled. Members of Team Gone Again met with throttleman Grant Bruggerman and ran the boat on East Lake (Tohopekaliga) near Orlando, FL. “Wow, just wow,” proclaimed Mungle. “The boat performs amazing!”

The 388 is currently powered by a pair of 750-hp Scorpion Racing Engines (Super Cat Spec) giving it a top speed in the 140s. Mungle acknowledges that the current power won’t push the boat to the shootout speeds they hope to achieve. “All in due time, we may participate in some actual offshore races for a few seasons, then put some big power in her and lay down some big numbers,” Mungle said.

“No matter what, we are still going to be running the 32′ at all shootout events,” adds Lockwood, “and the 388 will be there with us as well for fans to see.”

“Just like the 32′ Gone Again boat, the Stihl 388 has such a great history and a huge following. With the recent passing of J.R., owning this boat brings on an even greater level of honor. We will carry on the legacy that J.R., Grant, and his team started with this boat,” said Mungle. “I’m a very lucky man, with a very understanding wife. We have a top notch group of people that make up Team Gone Again, this is just the beginning of what we hope is a lot more to come.”