Arizona’s Pirate’s Den Resort was the destination of more than 50 classic hot boats on the Parker Strip recently—the third annual event that also drew more than a 100 antique autos.

The end-of-the-season blowout, which gathered V-drives, jetboats and flatbottoms, continues to expand, according to Lori Steurer of Pirate’s Den. “We had a lot of new boats, which was really exciting,” she says. “We also added a couple of new classes, including a River Racer class (for “the everyday guy who’s out there winding down the river”) and People’s Choice, where spectators can vote on their favorite rigs. “We got a lot of really old, restored race boats, including some beautiful all-wood models,” Steurer says. “It was great to see those boats come out, because we don’t get to see those that often around the river.”