Marine Technology Inc. (MTI) recently delivered a brand-new 390X Catamaran to repeat customer Charlie Roll of Omaha, NE.

Roll, whose 390X replaces his former cat (his second consecutive MTI 340X), is also the current owner of an MTI V-42 Center Console (his second). He enjoys using both the cat and the vee at the Lake of the Ozarks Poker Run & Shootout.

The 390X performs tremendously well with a pair of Mercury Racing 450R outboards, Roll says, comparing the ride favorably to his previous cats. “The 340X did great, and the 390X is basically a 340X on steroids. It handles great. We ran it at 128 mph—that’s where we have it propped right now, and probably where we’ll keep it. It’s got 36-inch props and we’re on the rev limiters.” Roll’s V-42 is running four of the 450Rs.

44-year-old Roll, who works in construction, is one of the lucky MTI customers who owns one of their vees and one of their cats. So which hull is the most fun overall? “The cat is great fun to drive, but if you’re going to tie up or hang out in a cove, the center console might be the way to go. It’s just nice to be able to switch it up…I never thought I’d have that choice,” he says.

“The boat’s awesome,” he adds. “We went a step above and put in the 24″ Garmin in it with the huge screen. We wrapped our dash, and you can’t see any of the speakers, because they’re all hidden with grills over them. The interior is really over the top. We did a black rubrail instead of chrome—you actually have to look really hard to know that there’s even a rubrail there.”

Roll uses his boats with fiancée Jennifer Davis.