Offshore race boats roared to life as the Offshore at the Ozarks Cat Edition sponsored by Performance Boat Center event kicked off with two classes racing in two races each on Friday, with additional racing set for Saturday.

Super Cat kicked things off in Race 1, with four boats originally on the roster: M CON, Gone Again, SV Offshore and Dependable. When the latter two failed to make the lineup, Tyler Miller and Myrick Coil in the Skater 438 M CON took a major early lead over Billy Moore and Christian McCauley in Gone Again.  However, mechanical issues forced M CON off the track, leaving Gone Again to claim the first checkered flag of the day.

In the second Super Cat heat, Gone Again grabbed the lead over M CON and SV Offshore, both of which joined the competition. However, after a couple of laps, Moore and McCauley in Gone Again were again the “sole survivors” in the class, as both of its competitors dropped out. ClassONE’s Miss Geico ran a couple of laps unopposed during the second SuperCat race before pulling off the track with a mechanical issue. But Steve Curtis and Brit Lilly got some practice laps in their 47-foot Victory.

Nine boats were set to compete in Super Stock class: S-1 Performance Boat Center, S-8 CR Racing, S-17 Team Allen Lawn Care, S-19 FJ Propeller, S-27 LPC, S-28 Phase 5 (the former Killer Bee boat), S-42 Jack Hammer, S-54 STR (Shaun Torrente Racing) and S-111 TNT Caddyshack. In the first heat, Torrente and his teammate Eric Belisle  took the early lead in STR, with Team Allen Lawn Care in second place and Phase 5 in third. They were followed by LPC, Performance Boat Center, Jackhammer, FJ Propeller and TNT Caddyshack. CR Racing started taking on water early on, and dropped out. Meanwhile, LPC reportedly hit a buoy and faced the possibility of being docked.

History repeated itself again in the second Super Stock heat, as Torrente and Belisle took the win in STR; Jack Hammer was the unofficial second-place winner and LPC finishing third. They were followed by Phase 5, Team Allen Lawn Care, FJ Propeller and Performance Boat Center.

The action continues Saturday, with a 15-lap race each for both classes.