The fourth race in Sunday’s Cocoa Beach offshore race abruptly ended with the second accident of the day.

The race featured several different classes: ClassONE, Supercat and Vee Extreme competitors, as well as Taylor Scism and Sean Torrente piloting the first boat in the new 450R class. Miss GEICO, with throttleman Steve Curtis and driver Travis Pastrana, took an early lead in ClassONE, with #88 Sweetwater/SV Offshore and #77 Lucas Oil following. GEICO gradually built up a considerable lead, but when the Sweetwater entry (with throttleman Gary Swanson and driver Vinnie Diorio) did a double barrel-roll, a red flag ended the race. Lucas Oil, with veteran racers Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson, was the unofficial second-place finisher.

Canada Homes, piloted by driver Loren Libel with John Tomlinson on the sticks, took the lead in Supercat class, with MCON right on her tail. Canada Homes was still in the first-place position when the race ended, with MCON in second and WHM Motorsports in third.

Anthony Smith and Ed Smith, in Knucklehead Racing, ran unopposed in Vee Extreme. More boats in the new 450R class are expected to join the series soon.