As Speedboat reported yesterday, Mercury Marine has introduced its all-new 600-hp Verado, the world’s first V12 outboard. Among the very first boats to be powered by this innovative engine is a prototype of Formula Boats’ 500 SSC. Powered by four of these 7.6L outboards, the 44,000-pound 500 SSC is capable of reaching speeds in the mid-60s.

“This is a wild package, with a steerable lower gearcase and a two-speed transmission, a product that is the result of a clean-slate, ground-up design,” says Formula Marketing Manager Scott Smith, who rode on the boat at Florida’s Lake X. “The motors perform, they accelerate, and they got great top end. The boat handled exceptionally well.”

When Formula’s marketing department ventured down to the Sunshine State in early February to experience the boat and get some photography, the team was mightily impressed by the power package. They were also invited to view the Verado minus its cowling. “It’s strong, smooth, quiet and unique,” Smith says. “Formula is proud to be an introductory partner.”

The 600 Verado features a naturally aspirated, large-displacement, quad-cam powerhead that generates impressive torque to get heavy boats out of the hole and on plane quickly, and to accelerate up to rated speed rapidly.

It remains to be seen whether any of Formula’s other models will accommodate a 600 Verado drivetrain. One that might is the Formula 430, which weighs 27,000 pounds.