The Race World Offshore World Championships in Key West ended with a bonafide shocker, as Super Cat competitors Tyler Miller and Myrick Coil in National Champion M-CON—all but guaranteed to clinch the world title after their wins earlier in the week—broke down in the fourth lap on Sunday, bringing an end to their hopes of taking home the trophy.

WHM Motorsports (with Brit Lilly and Jay Muller) won the race in owner Billy Mauff’s multi-World Champion Skater. However, the 2021 World Championship in Super Cat went to second-place finishers Johnny Tomlinson and Lorne Leibel in the 388 Skater Canada Homes, which had secured the required high points. (This makes 15 World Championships for throttleman Tomlinson in Key West.) They were followed by Chariots of Fire and Graydel.

In another surprise, Superboat Extreme class points leader Huski Wear, a 50′ Victory with Sir Steve Curtis and Carlos de Quesada, broke down during their battle with Lucas Oil and Sweet Beans—and Nigel Hook and Jay Johnston of Lucas Oil couldn’t even get their Mystic hull started until a few laps in. Sweet Beans, a Skater hull piloted by Jeff McCann and Chris Bowers, finished first, followed by Lucas Oil. Huski Wear, winner of the races on Wednesday and Friday, accumulated the sufficient points to take the World Championship trophy.

Supercat 860 spec class competitor Sweetwater, a 42’ Outerlimits with Vinnie Diorio and Simon Prevost, ran uncontested in the class.

The race also featured an exhibition boat: JBS, a 42′ MTI powered by twin 1100 hp engines.