Check out this cool new video footage of Donzi’s 41 GT from Big Thunder Marine! Unveiled at the Iconic Marine Group’s display during the 2019 Miami Boat Show, the 41 GT (“Grand Touring”) is the first in a brand of new-generation Donzis intended to bring a new level of versatility and redefine the big water sport boat. Space, ergonomics, comfort and performance come together in the GT to achieve a new level of style that is distinctly Donzi. As reviewed in the pages of Speedboat magazine, the boat sports an elegantly appointed cabin with a smart wraparound seating configuration. The boat’s cockpit is simple but luxurious, with twin forward-facing lounge seats behind the driver and passenger bolsters, and comfortable stern-facing twin chaise seats in the back. There’s plenty of room for passengers. The boat also has a fridge and additional “drawer chiller” for easy access to refreshments, washdown facilities, sink, storage and other amenities. Test driver Bob Teague was impressed by virtually every aspect of the boat’s performance, awarding high marks to the holeshot acceleration, overall maneuverability, visibility coming on plane, turning left and right, etc. The boat gave us no problems through all of the speed ranges. He also raved about the boat’s layout, placement of controls and all of the boat’s standard features. “When you’re going straight, you can take your hands completely off the wheel,” he says. “It tracks well all the time.” This is a boat you can spend the night in, and that’s extremely luxurious and comfortable. As Teague says: “You could run it in the Florida waters, or you can run it on big lakes. It’s a very versatile machine.”

The 41 GT is being offered by mega-dealer Big Thunder Marine, based in the Lake of the Ozarks.