Sometimes when one door closes, another one opens.

And so it is with Jerry Barron, son of the late Southern California boat building icon Nick Barron of Hallett Boats.

After more than four decades in the boating industry, Jerry Barron has taken the leap into boat manufacturing for himself under the banner Barron Boats. “I’ve spent the entirety of my business career involved in all facets of the marine industry. I believe I still have the ambition, skills and experience necessary to make this new venture a success,” said Barron upon his recent decision to carry-on the 50+ year Barron tradition and extend the legacy of building award winning custom recreational sportboats.

Barron strategically forecasts a staggered roll-out of four totally new models over the next 18 months. “We’re on target to debut our first new boat this coming May,” said Barron. “It will be a 29′ family deckboat with fresh, contemporary styling and unique amenities unlike anything else currently on the market. Not far behind the introduction of the 29 Sport will be a smaller 25’6” Sport deckboat version, which will be ideally suited to deliver fun-to-drive performance with moderate-sized propulsion options.”

Then, in 2019, Barron plans to unveil two more models, this time both are stepped deep-vee hulls configured as versatile center consoles. ”You can’t deny that the large lake and offshore recreational markets are trending aggressively in favor of center console vee-bottoms, especially catering to the outboard buyer,” remarked Barron. “I’m banking on the fact that the west coast market is hungry for west coast style center consoles with features and interiors that address our type of boating on the Pacific Coast.”

Since all future Barron models are derived from completely new and original tooling, it affords the opportunity to break from the past and establish its own identity moving forward. “We’re not copying or using anything from previous designs,” said Barron. “I’ve had these ideas and concepts in my brain for a long time. I have a good idea of what boat buyers want and expect from their new boat. This is my chance to put those things into practice and raise the bar with an entirely new product line. I’m anxious to get started and get the first model wet. We are actively booking orders on the new 29-footer right now.”

For loyal Hallett customers, the new home of Barron Boats might be familiar territory although a dramatic renovation to a building that was once Hallett’s tooling, lamination and R&D headquarters has little resemblance to what it once was. “You can’t operate a business for that many years and not become identified with a neighborhood,” said Barron. “To move out of the San Gabriel Valley just wouldn’t seem right. We’re here for the long haul in a stunningly refurbished building that has a lot of great Hallett history. We’re ready to build a new brand and reputation that will only embellish what has been accomplished in the past.”

Visit barronboats.com for more information, or call (626) 633-9000.