Adrenaline Powerboats of Lincolnton, GA—builder of carbon-fiber models 45′ Speede, ZRX-47 and ZRX-54—has released renderings of its all-new center-console boat, the 47′ CC.

Company owner Mike Layton told Speedboat that he expects the first boat out of the mold to hit the water for testing in May, with a June delivery to the boat’s first recipient, customer Chuck Stark of South Carolina. Stark is planning to drive the boat during the Lake Cumberland Thunder Run in Kentucky, June 18-20.

The 47′ features a 12-foot beam and can accommodate up to five outboard engines. Two of the first four ever built will feature quintuple Mercury Racing 450Rs. Layton said the boat would compete with other performance models in the same size range, as well as some of the more fishing-oriented brands.

“Although the first several builds are not configured for fishing, but the boat could be outfitted for fishing,” Layton explains. “We built some modularity into the back end of the boat to make fishing amenities easy to install.”

Among the 45’s high points are its very classic hull lines and aggressive styling. “I think that’s really what sets it apart,” Layton says. “The hull is very classic and familiar, but the design features are very edgy. It won’t be super heavy—it’s an all-infused epoxy boat with carbon reinforcement, so while we didn’t target it to be a light boat, we didn’t put any excess weight in it.” With a quintuple-engine setup, Layton said he’d like to see the boat reach speeds in the upper 80s.

He said the boat would feature a queen-size bed, a small galley that can be configured according to the owner’s wishes and a roomy bathroom. “We really worked hard to capture as much space under the console as possible,” Layton said. “I’m very proud of the actual size of the bathroom. A lot of the bathrooms tend to be real cramped; this one is not.”

The team at Adrenaline has high hopes for the 47 CC: “Our primary focus has been ramping up production of this new center console,” Layton says. “The thing that is notable about this project is that it’s taking us from a boutique builder into more of a production mindset. We’re going to try to build 12 the first year. We’ll see how it goes.”