Four boaters are missing and presumed dead after a 32-foot Skater flipped and capsized Saturday, May 10, on Sacramento County’s Folsom Lake, authorities said.

According to eyewitnesses, the boat was shooting down the reservoir at speeds beyond 100 mph on a day with wind gusts reaching 25-30 mph. Lake officials said they believe the lake contains the bodies of four men: Tony Strauch, 54; his brother James Strauch, 47; Jake Jacobs, 53; and Jon Smith, 48. All lived in or near Sacramento. On Tuesday, rescue crews were still searching for the missing men. The elder Strauch owned a heating-and-air-conditioning company; both brothers have grown children.

Although it is unclear whether any of the passengers were wearing lifejackets, there were no signs of any jackets on the lake.

Constructed in 1955 and located about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento, Folsom Lake does not have a speed limit for boats in open water.