Like many other offshore powerboat teams, 222 Offshore Australia has been riding the Coronavirus wave, which means its three boats are parked up in three different countries. But the end of August will see the team hit the water—not literally, but via Australian free-to-air channel 7Mate, which will be airing the 2019 US Class One Championship in which 222 Offshore Australia finished 2nd.

“It’s been a tough year, and we’re certainly missing our racing, but there is a bigger fight going on the world over,” says team owner Darren Nicholson. “In Australia, our borders are shut and international travel is out of the question, so we’re unable to leave the country at the moment.”

The U.S. Class One Championship has now been cancelled in its entirety, along with the famous Key West World Championship. The Australian Offshore Championship has also been cancelled, and the XCAT World Championship is hanging in the balance. With travel restrictions remaining in place, the team has written off 2020 and will forge ahead with its plans for 2021.

“We’re working hard behind the scenes and taking the opportunity of being grounded in 2020 to make big plans for 2021,” says 222 Offshore Marketing Manager Skye Gregory. “We have the advantage of now being familiar with the racing sites in the U.S. and we’ve gained a solid supporter base over there, so we really want to come back in 2021 with a new look and some exciting marketing initiatives.”

In the meantime, Australian viewers can see all the action of the 2019 U.S. Class One Championship airing on 7Mate as follows:

Thunder on Cocoa Beach Offshore Race: Aug. 22 at 1500 AEST
Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix: Aug. 29 at 1500 AEST
Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach: Sept. 5 at 1500 AEST
Class One Review Show: Sept. 12 at 1500 AEST