Speedboat Magazine Team Introduction

Firstly long time publisher Chris Davidson who has been on the high performance boating scene since the 80’s. Originally working for Larry Flynt, he went on to create his own two magazines, one of which Performance Boats was the predecessor to Speedboat Magazine. His vision is revolutionizing as he means to break away from print magazine and become a hybrid of online and digital. There are also plans of integrating a marketplace into the website whereby boaters and avid fans can expect to get the best parts in the business for the best prices. So stay tuned on that venture…

Next we have Ray Lee who has come on-board with Speedboat and has been working side-by-side Chris Davidson for the last 5 years, mostly taking heed at the boating events all around the country. Ray has been a caretaker of the company in managing all sorts of connections, clientele, and coordination with event holders in order to ensure smooth and optimal test conditions.

Next we have Jim Wilkes, long time friend and veteran, who has filled the role mostly as a high performance boat driver, and also guru of the more technical side of boating. He has done a fantastic job at navigating the waters and ensuring safe performance testing for the past 30 years. Jim Wilkes also regularly participates on our Forums as an adviser, consultation specialist, and fan.

Up next, Bob Teague, from Teague Custom Marine, as a boat driver and performance tester. Bob Teague has been in the industry as long as anyone, and we are more than happy to have him on our side.

Up next Todd Taylor, photographer and logistics handler, who comments on how effective his job has become due to the increase in quality of technology over the last decade. He enjoys his time spent at Speedboat and we appreciate his personality.

Up next, Alexi Sahaigian, pro-engine builder and designer from BoostPower Inc., performs his duty at Speedboat as a test driver and safety inspector.

Up next, Greg Shoemaker, launch ramp technician.

Up next, Tony Scarlata, test team driver.

Up next, Kenny Dunlop, photographer and digital technician.

Up next, Dennis Martz, drone photography.

Up next, Jay Forbes, data technician.

Up next, Brett Bayne, editor.

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