Speedboat.com – Where Speed Is The Only Thing That Counts.

Back in 2007, we launched Performance Boats Magazine. That name wasn’t our first choice—it’s a mouthful (and it made our email addresses way too long). Our #1 choice was Speed Boat Magazine with the URL speedboat.com. Short, sweet and simple. However, for various branding and legal reasons, that name was unusable. But times have changed, so we are now officially changing our name to Speed Boat Magazine, and our website is now speedboat.com.

We’re also revising our model. After revolutionizing the go-fast boating magazine industry with Hot Boat and Performance Boats, we’re about to become the premier website focused on speed. Speedboat.com will be the quintessential site for V-drives, jetboats, flatbottoms, drag boats and more. Let us transport you to a place where speed is the ultimate destination with tips, techniques and our vast photo and video archive to help make your online experience unique. Learn what it takes to boost performance and promote your own ride!

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