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SCOPE Poker Run Returning to Long Beach

Founded in 1992 by Ron Songrath, the Southern California Offshore Powerboat Elite (SCOPE) group used to make regular runs from Long Beach to Catalina until it reached an impasse with the city.

“The Long Beach run was extremely successful,” Songrath says. “The problem was that ten years ago, we had around 165 boats attend. The City of Long Beach just started taking spots away from us for slips, and started leasing out on an annual basis. That was the killer, and it really ruined it in Long Beach for us.” The group then started running the event from San Diego.

But now SCOPE has found a new home base, using slips at the Maya Hotel, and is planning to stage its poker run from Long Beach again on Sept. 23-25. “Honestly, Long Beach is the ideal place to hold the poker run,” Songrath said. “It’s such a central hub and makes for a great event.”

The original goal of the club, he said, was to bring members of the muscleboat community together, both friends and newcomers who share a common interest, and “we really have served that purpose very well.” Indeed, the group has done an outstanding job of providing fun, memorable events for the boating community—and raising money for a variety of charities and causes, from juvenile diabetes to wives of lost firefighters and Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to those serving in the U.S. Military.

For more information, visit scopeinfo.com.

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