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MTI Unveils 390X With Optional Eight-Seat Interior

While attending the inaugural Outboard Fun Run by Performance Boat Center at the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend, the team at Marine Technology Inc. unveiled a brand-new 390X catamaran with a revised interior that sports FOUR front seats!

The new configuration is not an official change to the styling, but an option available to customers who want to take advantage of the expanded “shotgun” seating. “It’s not permanent change,” says MTI’s Taylor Scism. “It’s just an option. You can still do the traditional cockpit, or you can do the eight-seat version with the four staggered front seats.”

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The idea began with a request from a customer whose family was always jockeying for the front passenger seat. “There’s multiple people in the family and there was always a major discussion about who gets to sit in the front and who has to sit in the back,” explains Scism. “So the customer asked us to devise a way to put multiple seats in the front. Different ideas were tossed around, but we didn’t really have the time to do that kind of R&D until COVID-19 hit. So we decided to use the downtime to make that happen.”

The challenge, she says, was to invent a way that would bring more passengers to the front without sacrificing comfort or accessibility. Judging from the model at LOTO, MTI pulled it off exceptionally well. Not only does it look great, “It runs fantastic,” Scism says. “I absolutely love it. It’s so comfortable. . ”

So far, feedback has been positive. During a recent test, three members of the MTI crew invited a fourth passenger, an MTI customer, to go for a ride in the boat with the reimagined interior. According to Scism, he said, “This is great! I have a wife and two kids, and they’re going to be so much happier with this interior. We always have the discussion about who’s going to sit in the back and who gets to sit in the front. Now everyone can be happy.”

The boat’s spectacular design included a silver satin finish wrapped with unique details that ingeniously incorporate a diamond shape patterned after the silhouette profile of the boat. This design is also featured in the boat’s deck and the stitching of the upholstery.

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