Megalift Video

Sometimes there is a job so specific that it requires a unique piece of equipment to be developed just for that job. Megalift is that one piece of equipment that will handle most unique situations.
The Megalift is great for any garage, workshop or warehouse!
Megalift Pro Series Lift reduces the amount of time spent moving equipment while reducing the risk of injury from moving heavy items.
Choose from two models:
The Megalift Pro Professional Series (Bravo, IMCO, and Volvo drives)
The Megalift HD Series (Heavy duty, extreme performance model for Mercury Racing #6 and #8, and similar drives)
Megalift requires very little, if any, maintenance. Just another way it will save you time and money.
The Megalift Pro™ will make handling most stern drives easier. It is fully adjustable for installation.
All of Gecko Company products have been developed with one goal in mind: “To Save You Time and Money.”

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