so who owns a jet!

Discussion in 'Jet Boats' started by poncho, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. poncho

    poncho Junior Member

    I had a Marlin jet boat for a few years. I'll see if I have pictures someplace. Gone through several computers since I sold it fall of 08. It was a great small lake, river boat. I did a mild cam, on a 350 Chevy motor. Figured a small block offered weight savings and was better on gas. Did a whopping 58mph with two 200lb adults and a half tank of fuel. It wasn't much slower then some of the big block people with the same hull. My dream boat, wanted since childhood was a Donzi Classic, so I upgraded. I'm now thinking of getting another jet. Thinking Bahner with a big block. So whatcha got?
  2. King Creole

    King Creole Super Moderator

    Hello Poncho
    Have a great weekend and thanks for being here. PM me your name, address and t-shirt size. I will send you a new Speedboat shirt.
  3. poncho

    poncho Junior Member

    Done. I sent my Washington State PO Box, save you some shipping costs. Thanks.
  4. Jetboatperformance

    Jetboatperformance Junior Member

    Call and Chat , have a few Projects and a some turn key deals when your ready Tom
  5. poncho

    poncho Junior Member

    Will do. I'm thinking of buying a cottage on a local to me lake. Its a very small lake. A Donzi 22 Classic is too big for the lake. Since the lake is mostly calm, its perfect for a jet boat.
  6. Jetboatperformance

    Jetboatperformance Junior Member

    Just finished a Jet build and rail kit for a guy in NJ thats restoring a Classic Donzi Jet , very anxious to see it as it evolves Tom
  7. poncho

    poncho Junior Member

    Donzi jets are cool. But I really like the old school 70's and early 80's style.
  8. TexasJet

    TexasJet Junior Member

    I have two jet boats. A 1999 19' CP with a blower motor and a 1979 19' Baja with a 496 CI motor.

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  9. poncho

    poncho Junior Member

    The CP is really cool. A guy up here near me has splashes of that hull for sale. Thought about getting one from him, but I think he went out of business.
  10. TexasJet

    TexasJet Junior Member

    Thanks. The Baja is me, the CP is my darker side. :)
  11. 76 Bonneville

    76 Bonneville Junior Member

    I have a few. At least that's what I tell my wife.

    Current List- Running
    1989 Advantage 20' Classic
    1978 Rogers 20' Bonneville Classic
    1976 Rogers 19' Bonneville TR (C/J 511)
    Late 70's Eliminator Circle Boat (The Warlock)

    Bought another TR. It's in Denver, need to have it shipped out in the spring.
    1976 Rogers 19' Bonneville TR

    1970 Rogers 18' Cyclone
    4- Rogers 18' Super Cyclones
    12' Crusader Minicruiser (outboard)
  12. King Creole

    King Creole Super Moderator

    76 Bonneville
    Where do you store them all? We would be interested in following a project rebuild if you can shoot an IPhone or Galaxy?
  13. JBB

    JBB Member

    Jet boats .....noted
  14. Tom Brown

    Tom Brown Junior Member

    I've noticed a lot of the jet boat guys really go in for jets. Once a jet guy, always a jet guy.

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