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Discussion in 'Jim Wilkes of Wilkes Marine' started by Rick32, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Rick32

    Rick32 Junior Member

    Hi Jim, how can I best make a 32ft. Sunsation go faster in the mid range ??
  2. Rick32

    Rick32 Junior Member

    Can it be done over the winter ??
  3. Wilkes Marine

    Wilkes Marine Senior Member

    We can build you 2 540 EFI 10.25;1 Aluminum Heads for chamber temp control and prop this rocket so you can have that press you in the seat feeling your looking for. Great boat that Sunsation. Very well built. I think we can build you 700 HP @ 6200 RPM. I know other engine builders claim to make much more power and maybe they do but we here at Wilkes Marine want to build reliably turn key power! Bring your ROCKET of Rick.
  4. 2forcefull

    2forcefull Junior Member

    through the years.... do you have any idea how many boat evaluations you have done???
  5. King Creole

    King Creole Super Moderator

    30 years worth.
    Starting in 1991 we started 2 tests a year. One in Havasu and another in Florida. In 1989 we tested 100 boats for a solid week.
    I would guess he has tested well over a 1,000 boats.
  6. Wilkes Marine

    Wilkes Marine Senior Member

    It's been awhile since I've been on the Speedboat forms and I'm not sure why other than being lazy. The Forms have never seemed to take off as we had hoped for but with social media like Facebook and Tweeter Speedboat's web site has not hailed to be very important.
    I will dedicate more time and effort in posting more subjects and pictures for my V-drive Forum. Just maybe we can bring this site back to life!

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